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Married September 24th, 2022

“Kinglake Forest Adventures is the ultimate wedding venue. Thanks to the incredible support of Michelle and Colin, we were able take our guests on a unique journey through the forest filled with love. Our ceremony was outside in the natural surrounds. Saying our vows amidst soaring gums and vibrant green ferns with rays of sunshine streaming through the forest, it was truly a magical moment and one we will never forget.

‘The Hanger’ was an incredible space for our guests to enjoy ‘happy hour’ drinks and nibbles in the open air while we frolicked through the beautiful forest for our photos. The reception hall was perfect for our guests to indulge in pizza from the food truck out the front, chill by the fire on the balcony or head inside to grab a drink at the bar and hit the D-floor. Spending the night glamping in the teepee on site and waking up to all our smiling friends and family who had slept the night was the icing on the (wedding) cake.”

— Steph and Caitlin xx

Lulu & Lime (Anna)


I’ve been shooting weddings for a wee while now making the most of what’s in front of me - anything and everything from rain, snow, sunshine, sunsets and even a roller door or two.

But most of all the people.
For me it’s definitely the people that really make a wedding. A not just the typical ‘wedding-y’ moments - I like to get your people as naturally as possible. Dad-dancing when no one is watching, your youngest niece having a good old nose pick, Great Aunt Maude sneaking some zzzz’s between courses, the Groom doing a ‘James Bond’ dash across the street because he’s already 15 mins late (and yes, this actually happened!!)

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Celebrant - Weddings by Sheridan

Im Sheridan. Ferociously committed to personalised hitchings that make everybody feel so. fucking. good.

I've always considered myself a creative (writer, thinker, do-er) but I never gave thought to including this quality in my work life until I was engaged in 2017 and met some of the most gorgeous industry professionals who inspired me to join this awesome community and do something that I can truly be proud of; and have the best time doing it.

The decision to become a celebrant was an easy one and although the path to get here consists of hard work and many late nights of study, it's so worth it. This is my dream job. Every celebration I am involved in is special to me and I take great pride in doing my job well.

I live in Melbourne's south-east with my husband Hayden (thats us in the pic below..cuuuuuuute), our daughter Stevie and our greyhound Lexa. When Im not marrying the raddest people on the planet, you can find me on the couch with baby, dog, husband and snacks - or at the beach, any nearby bbq, local mexican joint (sangria and tacos anyone?) and immersed in good times with our fam and friends.

I treat my couples like they’re family, because they are. Connection, authenticity and finding all those juicy ceremonial nuggets cant be achieved by a stranger. Get on in here and make yourself comfy. Sheridan xx

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