Breathtaking Nature Oasis

Bask in the glow of love.
Your special day doesn't have to be stressful.

Accommodation for Everyone

Make it a weekend.We sleep 120 in beds, and can fit more camping.

Rustic Bohemian Venue

Celebrate amongst nature.
A blank canvas for a DIY wedding.

Michelle and Col French are your hosts at our beautiful forest venue.

"We are a family business, having raised our two children, Darcy and Vanessa, here in Kinglake for the past 17 years. In fact, the whole team is a family - it's just our culture! You will not feel more comfortable anywhere, we are relaxed and welcoming. We just want to help you create your dream weekend."


A photo from Mich and Col's wedding back in May, 1991. Their love of forest weddings, and each other, is something that continuously inspires them to put 110% into every ceremony we hold.

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Where it all began

Over the years, we’ve offered all kinds of services, ranging from school camps and corporate retreats to treetop adventure tourism. We have always been a workplace that welcomes innovation, and so when our niece asked us if we’d host her dream wedding, it was to no-one’s surprise that we said “yes”!

Together, we created a rustic bohemian wedding of unimaginable beauty – a day and evening full of magic and love! Just watch the video at the bottom of this page to see for yourself. The rest is history – Forest Weddings was born!

This is a new direction for our family business, and one that brings us a great deal of fuzzy happiness.  Who doesn’t love a beautiful wedding in an environment like ours?

Word got out that we were open to hosting weddings, and we have never looked back.

Our venue is very unique in that you can have up to 120 guests stay overnight, share a great breakfast together the next morning and just embrace all the love over a full weekend without having to rush home.

Sean, who hosts overnight for our weddings, has been part of our French family team for all of those 17 years and Donna, who assists Michelle with wedding planning, has also been with us for 15 years. We provide a personal touch from start to finish. It’s always us you are dealing with – just Michelle, Col and our small crew.

Michelle French

Michelle LOVES love, and nothing makes her heart glow like showing you around our magical venue whilst hearing about your love for each other, your dreams for your big day and the little quirks about your love that make you smile.

Colin French

You will soon find out that Colin is a big softy and loves when he gets the chance to host a wedding tour. Even when he’s not needed, you can find him hanging around the morning of a wedding, simply admiring the hustle and bustle of our crew bringing together yet another magical celebration.

Donna Ryan

Donna loves many things, including coffee, cracking a joke, and working hard to make things perfect. She is always invested in our couple’s vision, and has been known to watch scenes from the movie, Breaking Dawn, over and over again simply because a couple wanted their wedding to look just like Edward and Bella’s from ‘Twilight’.

Sean 'Slim' Adam

Slim is a true-blue Aussie who has dedicated his life to seeking adventure, travelling around Australia and learning all there is to know about the flora and fauna. Despite the countless places of magic and beauty in Australia, Slim always finds his way back to Kinglake as he knows what a special part of the country this is. Slim is one of the hardest workers we’ve ever known, and when he’s in charge, everything runs like clockwork!

Caitlin and Steph's Rustic Bohemian Style DIY Wedding